Month: March 2016


Hello! While we were polishing SpinSling our art crew had some spare time and started pre production of a short 3D sketch. The purpose of the 3D sketch is to advertise for holyday costumes in the game.

First a small 2d animatic were made so we could figure out how our idea played out. This idea is about our main characters and antagonist from SpinSling wearing costumes as Knights and King. The king arranges a duel between our knights where the winner wins a strawberry. The duel Ends with a shocking plot twist.

The first version of the 2D-Animatic were good, but we wanted to take another step further and make the punch line better , we ended up with two more edited versions to choose from.

Ater some discussion we picked out the third version to go for our 3D-Sketch.

Some sketches from our animatic:SS_H_1.jpg



Lately we have shifted our focus on different projects that require our attention. We will definitely return to the 3D sketch in the future and continue!