Month: April 2016

Retrogene @The Gathering 2016

Retrogene was attending The Gathering 2016, the worlds largest LAN-Party, showing off SpinSling! We were offered a stand in the developer area among other indie developers. Here we were showing SpinSling as well as having a drawing competition and a top-score competition.Panorama_TG1


We had people in all ages stop by our stand and try out SpinSling. The feedback we got from people were amazing! They seemed to enjoy the game alot, as well as most people said it was addicting, which we take as a compliment. We also got several drawings handed in for the competition, where we will pick out a couple of drawings that will make it into SpinSling as a costume or a character!IMAG0702

During our stay at TG2016, we also participated in “Game Development” competition as well as the “Fast Game Development” competition, where the theme for Fast Game Dev was “Weightlessness” and we were given 48hours to make a playable game based on this theme.

Our contribution to the Fast Game Dev ended up in a game where you are a farmer on the moon, where you need to keep your Mooncows on the field, and not let them drift out into space. As we had to stay on duty on our stand, the time spent on the project was short, and I think we did it in about 16hours or so. The game is «MoonCow», and this is what we ended up with:MoonCow_Screenshot

As for the “Game Development” competition, we could submit any game that have not previously been released or entered in any other competition. Here we chose to submit our in-house 48hour game-jam game called «Bubble Warriors»(can be downloaded here). This is a 2-player game, about two fishes fighting for the survival of the fishtank.


We even got 3rd place in the Game Development competition with «Bubble Warriors»!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more information about our development and what we are currently doing!