Status Update May

May is here and it feels like its summer in Bergen. As everyone is heading out to enjoy the weather, we stay inside to continue the work on our projects. Spinsling is getting ever closer to release on IOS and our new projects are starting to take shape, so it is exciting times for us at Retrogene.

We are not yet ready to start talking about our new projects, but we are hard at work and can hopefully share something soon. What we can tell, is that the new projects are developed for mobile devices. Lately we have been working on development tools, which we can use for our own projects. These will likely be used on multiple projects and will speed up certain aspects of the development process.

Thats it for today! Take a peek again soon for another update and maybe some more information on the new projects.

Retrogene @The Gathering 2016

Retrogene was attending The Gathering 2016, the worlds largest LAN-Party, showing off SpinSling! We were offered a stand in the developer area among other indie developers. Here we were showing SpinSling as well as having a drawing competition and a top-score competition.Panorama_TG1


We had people in all ages stop by our stand and try out SpinSling. The feedback we got from people were amazing! They seemed to enjoy the game alot, as well as most people said it was addicting, which we take as a compliment. We also got several drawings handed in for the competition, where we will pick out a couple of drawings that will make it into SpinSling as a costume or a character!IMAG0702

During our stay at TG2016, we also participated in “Game Development” competition as well as the “Fast Game Development” competition, where the theme for Fast Game Dev was “Weightlessness” and we were given 48hours to make a playable game based on this theme.

Our contribution to the Fast Game Dev ended up in a game where you are a farmer on the moon, where you need to keep your Mooncows on the field, and not let them drift out into space. As we had to stay on duty on our stand, the time spent on the project was short, and I think we did it in about 16hours or so. The game is «MoonCow», and this is what we ended up with:MoonCow_Screenshot

As for the “Game Development” competition, we could submit any game that have not previously been released or entered in any other competition. Here we chose to submit our in-house 48hour game-jam game called «Bubble Warriors»(can be downloaded here). This is a 2-player game, about two fishes fighting for the survival of the fishtank.


We even got 3rd place in the Game Development competition with «Bubble Warriors»!

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more information about our development and what we are currently doing!


Hello! While we were polishing SpinSling our art crew had some spare time and started pre production of a short 3D sketch. The purpose of the 3D sketch is to advertise for holyday costumes in the game.

First a small 2d animatic were made so we could figure out how our idea played out. This idea is about our main characters and antagonist from SpinSling wearing costumes as Knights and King. The king arranges a duel between our knights where the winner wins a strawberry. The duel Ends with a shocking plot twist.

The first version of the 2D-Animatic were good, but we wanted to take another step further and make the punch line better , we ended up with two more edited versions to choose from.

Ater some discussion we picked out the third version to go for our 3D-Sketch.

Some sketches from our animatic:SS_H_1.jpg



Lately we have shifted our focus on different projects that require our attention. We will definitely return to the 3D sketch in the future and continue!

Status Update February


Welcome to our new offices! It’s been a little while since our last post, but we have decided it is time to start blogging again. In the last few months we have been polishing our forthcoming game: SpinSling. We have been using feedback from players to make it as good as possible before the world release, and we can share that its right around the corner. We are excited about releasing our first game, and can’t wait to make it available to everyone on both iOs and Android.

As we are getting closer to the release of SpinSling, we have started working on some new projects behind the scenes. This time we have decided to focus on smaller projects with a big emphasis on gameplay mechanics and lasting appeal. These projects are still unannounced, and will be revealed later this year. We think it’s going to be something for everyone, as these two games are quite different from each other.  We will continue our path on making fun and engaging games for mobile devices, so stay tuned for further updates.

While waiting for our games in production to finish, you can check out the games we made in our previous in-house GameJam. We managed to make two playable games in 48 hours, and had a blast doing so. You can download and read more about the games on the link below.


That’s it for this update, so check back later for more exctiting news!

Work in Progress

We are preparing for ByLan in Bergen making things look all nice and play nice. So today we’ve decided to share a few screenshots with you! They are of course work in progress and a lot can still change!



One of the first levels in the game.


Bombs are essential for adventure. That is like a law or something.

Secrets of the Labyrinth

It’s time to start sharing our progress with the first game for our team: “Secrets of the Labyrinth” or just “SotL”.

SotL is an exploration puzzle game where two old friends called Mo and Earl are the treasure-hunting stars of the show. Using their own unique abilities and physique they can collect the many treasures that is to be found while also uncovering what secrets the labyrinth may hold.




fin render plakat_fin