Introducing: Oculus Rift support for SpinSling!

Retrogene is happy to announce that we’ll be bringing virtual reality to our high speed, critter-spinning endless runner.


Why VR?

Our team had no doubt that SpinSling and VR was a match made in heaven. It’s a fast, thrilling experience that you just can’t get anywhere else, and that is why we want to make it. There has been a few challenges adapting the original gameplay to VR, so we added a new game mode: First person.


SpinSling is a game that revolves around spinning around in a revolving motion. One of the challenges we face as designers are to ensure that the game remains fun throughout all of our modes, and currently, motion sickness has been a problem for a few of our testers. To make sure that everyone can take share in the fun that VR brings, we’ve designed a device to negate any problem with motion sickness that might occur.

The device will mimic the motion of the game, so that your mind, and yourself, can truly believe you’re in this world.


Don’t forget to bring your mobile device inside the SpinSling VR experience enhancing device.